Natalie Sappier, a 2014 AIP based at artsNB. The goal of the Indigenous Internship Program (IIP) is to provide Indigenous people an opportunity to work in the fields of Economic Development, Arts and Tourism, Information Communications Technology, Energy and Natural Resources, and the Shipbuilding industry. This will help the IIP participants to gain meaningful work skills, knowledge and experience. IIP also seeks to give host organizations an opportunity to identify potential qualified employees.


IIP Guidelines

IIP is overseen by the IIP Working Group and coordinated by the Joint Economic Development Initiative (JEDI). The IIP Working Group and JEDI meets at least twice a year to gather information on the progress of the IIP, and provide recommendations and contacts with respect to the program. JEDI is responsible to its funding partners in the federal and provincial government, private and Indigenous sectors.


IIP Eligibility

To be eligible for the Program, all participants must hold a university degree, preferably in the above related industries or in the field of business. The IIP is focused primarily on recent Indigenous university graduates who have graduated within the last three years and are currently unemployed or underemployed. The interns must be legally eligible to work in Canada.

A recent graduate looking to apply to IIP should submit an up-to-date resume detailing the individual’s skills and work experience as well as a cover letter explaining why they are interested in

the program.

Hosting an IIP

Businesses looking to host an intern should submit the following to JEDI:

• A letter describing the organization’s interest in hosting an intern;

• An orientation plan for the intern;

• A work plan, including anticipated knowledge and skill outcomes for the intern.


Who can host an Indigenous Intern?

In New Brunswick, provincial and federal government departments, agencies, crown corporations, Community Business Development Corporations (CBDCs), not-for-profit organizations and JEDI's industry partners are eligible to apply for IIP funding.

For more information on IIP, please contact JEDI at 506-444-5650.