JEDI Plenary

June 2016 Plenary

  Register for the June 2016 JEDI Plenary in Moncton

The June 29th JEDI Plenary will focus on Sustainable Development opportunities. The event will begin with a Gala Dinner on the evening of June 28th from 6:00pm to 8:30pm at the Delta Beausejour in Moncton, NB and will continue with a full day of activities on June 29th from 9am to 3:30pm at the Delta Beausejour in Moncton.

The plenary is a free event but please note that there will be a cost for the Gala Dinner. If you have any questions, contact JEDI at 1-888-884-9870.



June 28th& 29th, 2016 JEDI Gala Dinner & Plenary

Delta Beausejour, Moncton



Gala Dinner


6:00 pm       Arrival and Networking


6:30 pm       Dinner


7:15 pm      Welcome & Introductions:        

                    Alex Dedam, President of JEDI

                    Lisette Michaud-Carrier, VP Commercial Financial Services RBC


7:25 pm       Featured speaker: Troy Jerome, Executive Director at Mi'gmawei Mawiomi Secretariat (MMS)

                     Topic: Renewable Energy & National Building, Maximizing Indigenous Benefits

7:45 pm       Featured Speaker: Chris Henderson, President of Lumos Energy and author of “Aboriginal Power”

                     Topic: Indigenous Clean Energy: Catalysing Opportunities for Generations

8:00 pm       Networking


8:30 pm      Gala Ends



JEDI Plenary



8:30 am       Registration and Trade Show Begins


9:00 am       Opening Prayer and Welcome


9:30 am       Keynote Speaker: Matt Jamieson, CEO of Six Nations Grand River Development Corporation

                     Topic: Building Sustainable Development Projects that work in First Nation communities

10:30 am     Nutrition Break


10:45 am     Featured Speakers: Chris Henderson, president of Lumos Energy and author of “Aboriginal Power” and Lois                              Corbett, Executive Director of the Conservation Council of NB

                     Topic: Indigenous Clean Energy: Catalysing Opportunities for Generations

12:00 pm     Lunch


1:00 pm       How to Obtain Funding for Sustainable Development Projects

                     Andre Pelletier, New Brunswick Innovation Foundation (NBIF)


1:30 pm       Energy Efficiency Options for New Home Construction & Improving Energy Efficiency in existing low                          rise Housing

                     Lauren Lipka, Canadian Home Builders Association in NB


2:00 pm       Nutrition Break


2:15 pm       How to Make your Home More Energy Efficient

                      Jesse Perley, NB Power


2:45 pm       Closing Prayer    


3:30 pm       Energy Efficiency Trailer and Trade Show Closes

 Travel Policy:

Please be advised that JEDI will provide travel reimbursement to one Employment Training Officer, one Economic Development Officer and one member of council per community at federal rates. All reimbursements will be provided in the form of a cheque sent directly to the approved recipient within a reasonable amount of time after the Plenary concludes. No payments will be made unless a travel reimbursement form is correctly completed and submitted to JEDI no later July 20, 2016. Attendees are strongly encouraged to car pool.

A limited amount of travel reimbursement will also be provided to entrepreneurs. Please contact Cameron Paul for more information.

Please also note that anyone who fails to occupy a hotel room after requesting assistance to cover the cost of the hotel room will be responsible for payment for that room.

The JEDI CEO has final approval on all travel claim matters.